Key business benefits of using HPC’s Planning Support Service:

  • Increased planning and financial efficiency
  • Reduced risk of programme/schedule overruns
  • Visibility to identify bottlenecks and delays to take corrective action early.
  • Insight to current and future resource usage for accurate forecasts and decisions
  • Resolve overallocation through levelling or changing resource assignments!
  • Earned Value Analysis

Project Planning Support Service

HPC Ltd is a ‘Project Planning Support Service’ who turn engineering data into programmable information and then into insight.

Working closely with the Client’s team representatives HPC will guide your project to a successful completion.

We monitor, advise and flag potential issues long before they occur. We work remotely from our Chester base with the occasional site visit, so you won’t pay a penny above our daily rate quotation.

There’s no office space for you to pay for, no sick leave, no holiday pay, no company vehicle, or National Insurance contributions!

“You can always alter and adapt your financial plan, provided you have one.”

This is a world we know intimately, and we will draw on a deep wealth of experience to support your project management team. Our goal is that you cease to see us as a cost at all – ultimately, we’ve done our job if your profit margin remains intact at the project’s end.

Please do not write off investment in project planning as an unnecessary overhead. Done well, it will save you being hamstrung by inefficiencies and needless expenses and undoubtedly improve the bottom line. In summary, we can take on that all-important project planning role, demonstrating measurable value by becoming part of your team in making your projects work.

Please speak to us for a free consultation we look forward to your call!

Michael Harvey: Senior partner

0794 088 5667